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A place where you can escape the horror of real-life and enter the horrors of the imaginative mind. (Be that through my writing, music, or the guest posts I also like to invite to feature.)

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Luna Demise - Immortalised

Finally, it's here!

The very first novel in the Luna Demise series.

Luna Demise - Immortalised.

Follow the link to purchase, only available to purchase on Amazon....


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Check out my latest Single produced with my band CoLdHaRdT

NOW releasing one chapter a week of Luna Demise Immortalised, for free through the Internet platform Medium.

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Since 1993

I LOVE HORROR. No honestly, I really love it. I love anything outside of that regular square box. The darker side of life, dark humour, saying that stuff that everyone is thinking but is too scared to say. Yeh, I say it.

I love playing that evil character, unbound by the shackles of society, there is no need to conform. You can take them further outside of the normal zones of what is socially acceptable.

I love writing from obscure perspectives. Like, imagine life through the eyes of a mosquito? Hey, I wrote a song about that once (a very, very long time ago).

Predominantly working from home (I also have a day job), I have the usual set up, but on one side of the room I have a wall of books literally from floor to ceiling (consisting of all the usual, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, James Herbert, tales of the paranormal etc). The other side of the room, I have a wall of guitars, a bugle and a pretty good vocal setup.

Ever since I have been able to write I have written, be that poetry, stories or songs - What can I say, I just love to tell a story.

I have a small child, two cats, a husband, a full-time job (so bear with me if I don't post for a while), a fitness regime (gotta work dem guns), a band (somewhat dysfunctional) the odd collaboration project, a notebook for every possible occasion and now my very own website πŸ˜‰


Kato Djin - Writer

SO: In terms of what you can expect from me on here and from some of the work, I will be publishing

Trigger warning.

I am 100% independent (in every possible way).Β  I will not, in any near future be using any form of editor, publishing crew, book designer everything you get will be like my music, raw and unfiltered.

Typo nazis, drink it in or look away, as there will be plenty of genuine fuckups for you to get your teeth into, oh and I also absofuckinlutely LOVE to swear πŸ˜‰ ...

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