I live in a darkened corner of the suburbs, right at the bottom of a steep hill and about as close as you can possibly get to the woods, without actually living in the woods.

Teetering on the edge of the river Aire, I feel about as one with nature as you can get, whilst also living so close to the city of Leeds, which is quite possibly my favourite city in the whole of the UK. (other than Edinburgh)

My cats love it here, my daughter loves it here and until I can afford that semi-derelict castle in the woods, with a writers/music/art turret that I can just throw my hair out the window like some sort of gothic Rapunzel, it will have to do.

For now.


My intention is to bring you, the reader, imaginative stories from independent storytellers, who are not bound by the shackles of expensive editors and publicists.

There are no gatekeepers here, no one to judge, no one to pay, just an outlet of creativity to serve and fuel the darkness within our imaginations.

Expect this website to evolve organically, like a twisted vine as it reaches into the shadowy nooks of the underworld, with flowers that bloom in the dark.

Meet the Team

We run a tight ship.


Kato Djin

Chief Storyteller

Mystical earth child

Originally from a small walled medieval town within Wales called Conwy, Kato has been living in the shire for enough time to self proclaim Yorkshire citizenship. (if there was such a thing)

Being brought up in the coastal country, Kato is still a sea-loving country bumpkin at heart and an opportunity to hit the ocean will always be accepted.

Likes - Food, sleep,

Loves - music, singing, horror movies, animals, books, travel, rum and coke.

Fears - Spiders.





Vice President

Black and white moggie.

Ragnar had a tough start to life after he was first found rummaging around in some bins, his history is unknown.  Arriving just a few weeks before Odin, and breathtakingly similar in appearance to the late Mowie, he quickly settled in. We may not know much about his past, but we have high hopes for his future...

Ragnar once gatecrashed the neighbour's children's birthday party and killed a mouse in front of all the kids. I think it's his party trick.

Likes: decapitating small animals, chasing Odin.

Loves: Sleeping

Fears: Injections.




All white odd-eyed Turkish Angora

Odin, with his equally blessed and cursed start to life as a house cat, was originally selected for his fine breeding, by his first unfortunate human, who suddenly passed away, when he was just 9 months old.

But, as it just so happened, this unfortunate event just so happened to coincide with an unfortunate event of my own and the loss of my blessed feline familiar Mowie.

So with a hole in my heart which could only be filled with yet more kitties and a whole playground of woods for him to explore, he came to live with me 🙂

Likes: giving out foot rubs, being stroked with the petmit, catching flies, chasing Ragnar, cleaning Ragnar.

Loves: Dreamies biscuits.

Fears: Heights, once got stuck up a 40ft high conifer tree for 4 nights and had to be rescued by firemen and the RSPCA.

If you are thinking of getting yourself a new familiar friend, you should totally contact your local pet rescue centres. They have some very experienced persons, who will hook you up with a good match (providing you fit the bill).

Ragnar found me through Leeds Cat Rescue and Odin through Leeds Cats protection.

Adopt DONT shop!


We are a one-woman, two cat business.

If you would like to get in touch, please use the below form. I will do my very best to get back to you as soon as I can.